Heat Pump

Pre-Qualify for the $7,100 Heat Pump Rebate Today!

Say hello to a world of unparalleled comfort and incredible savings with HER rebate program. We're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to pre-qualify for a rebate of up to $7,100 on our innovative heat pump systems, making it easier than ever to upgrade to an energy-efficient, eco-friendly heating and cooling solution. Learn More

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Heat Pump Gets You All-Season Comfort, Guaranteed

Experience year-round luxury with Simply Smart Home's electric heat pumps. Our advanced systems ensure seamless climate control, providing cozy warmth and cool refreshment as needed. Enjoy the ultimate comfort while maximizing energy efficiency in every season.

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Maximize Comfort, Minimize Emissions

Discover the fusion of comfort and eco-consciousness with Simply Smart Home. Our innovative climate solutions offer guilt-free Heating & Cooling that aligns with your green values. Join us in redefining home comfort and paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow.

Energy Efficiency That Translates to Lower Bills

Introducing the new era of home comfort with our energy-efficient heat pumps, designed to keep your home cozy while reducing your energy bills. Discover how our innovative heat pump technology brings you the perfect balance of comfort and savings.

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Smart Flex Advantage

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy hassle-free financing with our customizable payment plans, tailored to fit your budget and lifestyle

Free Installation

Benefit from professional installation at no extra cost, ensuring your system operates efficiently and safely

Lifetime Parts & Labour Coverage
Lifetime Parts & Labour Coverage

Rest easy knowing your investment is protected with our comprehensive lifetime coverage for both parts and labor

Free Emergency Priority Service

Get prompt assistance when you need it most with our priority emergency service, available 24/7 at no additional charge

Yearly Maintenance

Keep your system running smoothly with our annual maintenance services, designed to maximize efficiency and extend equipment life

Free Replacement

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that if your system fails, we'll replace it at no cost to you, ensuring your home stays comfortable and efficient

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Embrace Sustainable Comfort with Heat Pumps

Heat pumps, as part of HVAC systems, transfer heat using refrigerant under high pressure, requiring expert installation from Simply Smart Home's skilled technicians. Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems that rely on natural gas, heat pumps utilize clean energy for an eco-friendly, efficient, and sleek solution to maintain your home's ideal temperature.

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Optimized Efficiency with Dynamic Duo

Heat pumps seamlessly integrate with high-efficiency, variable stage furnaces, creating a powerful combination that achieves an outstanding 23 SEER efficiency rating for exceptional comfort and energy savings.

Pristine Air, Unmatched

Heat pumps unite with whole-house air filtration systems, providing a comprehensive solution for cleaner, healthier air circulation throughout your entire home, elevating your indoor living experience.

Smart Savings, Elevated Comfort

Simply Smart Home enhances heat pump performance by incorporating a case coil and Ecobee Smart Thermostat, optimizing energy usage and delivering remarkable savings without compromising comfort.

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We very recently had a new tankless water system installed by Mohan and Dan. Both gentlemen did an excellent job with the installation and were professional and cordial during their work.We required some additional electrical work for the installation, and Artur performed the work for that. He was very professional and helpful and explained all the work that needed to be done.We would recommend these gentlemen anytime.
Leslie Becskei - View on Google
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Heat Pump

Embrace flexibility and affordability with Tankless water heaters, enjoy unlimited hot water, save space, and save on Utility costs.

Heat Pump

Efficient heating awaits with our high-efficiency, variable stage furnaces, ensuring all season comfort and lower energy bills.

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