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Simply Smart Home, founded in 2011 by a Canadian family, is dedicated to providing top-notch home comfort solutions while being environmentally responsible. With the latest technology and best materials, we offer long-term performance and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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$4 Million +

Rebates Disbursed to Simply Customers

50,000 +

Trees Planted by switching to High Efficiency Equipment

10,000 +

Happy customers across Ontario


Average Efficiency of Equipments intalled last year

Simply Smart Values


Streamlining smart heating and cooling solutions for effortless comfort.


Prioritizing security and well-being through innovative technology.


Delivering energy-efficient systems for cost-effective living.

Simply Smart Promise

At Simply Smart Home, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional home automation solutions to our customers. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly products that simplify the process of home automation and make it accessible to all. Our products are engineered to be dependable, secure, and cost-effective, ensuring that you receive the highest value for your investment.

Exceptional Expertise Meets Flexibility

Delivering Customer Satisfaction and Environmentally Conscious Solutions

Expertise and Technical Knowledge

Environmental Responsibility

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

Exploring Cold Climate Electric Heat Pumps: Efficiency and Benefits

Discover the technology, benefits, and rebates associated with air source cold climate electric heat pumps, and learn how Simply Smart Home can help you upgrade to this energy-efficient heating and cooling solution.

Smart Thermostats: Maximizing Comfort and Energy Savings in Your Home

Discover how smart thermostats revolutionize home climate control, maximizing comfort and energy savings for an eco-friendly, cost-effective lifestyle.

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Discover the benefits of tankless water heaters, including efficiency, long-term savings, and endless hot water. With Simply Smart Home's Flex Plans and potential rebates, upgrading becomes affordable and stress-free.

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